Costa Rica and Yoga

Tropical flora of Costa Rica
Some travel destinations have all the qualities of being the perfect setting for a spiritual retreat. Costa Rica is one such place. With its pristine beaches, scenic terrain, and exotic wildlife, there is an abundance of natural beauty everywhere you look. 

Because of this, Costa Rica and Yoga go hand in hand! What better place to escape from your busy life and start your day with a gentle yoga session to stretch the body and daily meditation to attune your mind to the surrounding tropical nature? 

Guanacaste coast, Costa Rica
Spirit Tours is visiting Costa Rica for 8 days and 7 nights, and there is still room for you to join. Come and travel with us on this spiritual journey with yoga, nature, and adventure.


Retreat in Costa Rica with Yoga led by William Abel

Imagine spending 8 days in Costa Rica in the middle of winter. 
The good news is, Costa Rica doesn't have a winter like ours! And even better yet, there will be gentle yoga every morning with me, William Abel. That's right, a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with yoga led by William Abel, who has taught gentle yoga to travelers in places such as Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia, South Africa, New Zealand, 
and of course, Bali

Join me, and Spirit Tours, for 8 days and 7 nights for a spiritual retreat in Costa Rica.

July 2018

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